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A peek inside my fall medicine cabinet

While most of the “medicine” in my home is found in my kitchen and garden, it’s great to have a well-stocked natural medicine cabinet for those times when you need extra support.

Like my wardrobe, my natural medicine cabinet changes with the seasons.

In the fall months I like to focus on cleansing and strengthening, preparing myself and my family for the colder seasons. These toxin-free favorites will give you the layers of protection you’ll need for the cooler months ahead.

Here’s what’s in my fall medicine cabinet:

  1. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is really important for a strong immune system, but difficult to get on your plate. The good news is that it’s available for free! Just sit outside for 10-15 minutes on a warm summer day without sunscreen and you’ll build up your levels. But as the weather cools, it’s nearly impossible to get enough of this vital nutrient to last you through winter. I recommend getting your Vitamin D levels tested. And supplementation, with a D3 supplement, if necessary.
  2. Aloe Vera –Aloe vera is one of my very favorite digestive remedies. Use it internally to ease symptoms of IBS or the occasional constipation that creeps in as your diet shifts to denser fall foods. Take 1/4 cup before bed.
  3. Chlorella – Chlorella is a blue-green algae that is high in minerals and contains more chlorophyll than any other green plant. It greatly enhances a healthy digestion, and supports the growth of good bacteria in your body. Chlorella is an incredible detoxifier and immunity-booster as well. This is a great natural remedy for the fall.
  4. Astragalus – Astragalus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a tonic to support your immune system, boost energy, and build strength. Take this herb daily and find that you’re less sick this fall and holiday season.
  5.  Slippery Elm – Slippery Elm is an herb that is made from the bark of a slippery elm tree. Take it as a lozenge to soothe a sore throat or help relieve the heartburn that creeps in with heavier fall meals. Slippery elm can also be applied to the skin to heal wounds, burns, and even diaper rash.

I also keep a box of Oscillococcinum handy, a homeopathic remedy for the flu that was we’ve been using effectively for years.

Note: If you’re pregnant, nursing, or have an autoimmune condition, consult your doctor before taking astragalus.

Your Simple Action Plan:
Stock your natural medicine cabinet to support your health this fall. When it comes to natural remedies, not all are created equal so be sure to read the label. Or try some of my favorite brands, here:

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