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Craving Chocolate? Think Magnesium.

I love chocolate. As a child, I remember chocolate nut bars during the winter holidays, steaming hot chocolate after a day of skiing in Vermont, and chocolate chip cake every year for my birthday. Always homemade and always delicious. I still enjoy chocolate, though now I prefer it in its raw form, known as cacao. Cacao …

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Raising the Bar

I have to confess, I love shopping. Shopping for clothes, shopping for shoes, shopping for food… In my life prior to having children, I was a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue and Ralph Lauren. Today, I could easily spend an entire morning perusing the aisles of a grocery store. Last …

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Yogurt Cheat Sheet

I have yogurt on my brain… Why? Because my daughter is susceptible to yeast imbalances. If you know anything about yeast, you know that sugar (especially the refined white stuff) feeds it. Nina spent 3 weeks at a camp in Maine this summer. Initially, she ate more dessert than her body …

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Got Seasonal Allergies? Try These Tips

While spring is a time of reawakening and rebirth, for allergy sufferers nature’s blooms bring on fogginess, grogginess and low energy. The good news is, there’s a tremendous amount you can do with food to reduce and even eliminate seasonal allergy concerns. Remember to back it up and take a …

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Food Dye & Your Child: A Rainbow Of Risks

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day every year, my daughters’ school hands out bright green bagels to all of the children. This is an incredible frustration for me, knowing that over the course of the past 40 or so years dozens of studies have demonstrated that food dyes cause behavioral problems …

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The Skinny on Fat

Lately, I’m thinking a lot about fat. Dietary fats have captured the recent attention of the nutritional scene. With the weather getting warmer, clients are talking about it. And, I’m hearing a lot from our community. Confused about fat?  You’re not alone, I used to be too.  Like many of …

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