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We believe that learning to have a healthy mindset around food and body image is really important.

If you struggle with body image, feeling guilty when you eat, or other food/eating related disorders, take a moment to read below:

Having a healthy mind is one of the- if not the- most important part to having a healthy body.

My name is Nina Gatti, and I am lucky to have grown up with my mother’s guidance in all areas specifically in regards to nutrition. I was introduced to healthy options at a very young age, and while it was somewhat frustrating to watch the other kids have their nutella sandwiches and M&M yogurt in elementary school- in the end I learned many valuable lessons about food through my mom’s guidance. I learned that almond butter and honey on gluten free bread was a better alternative for me and my body, and I was able to start to understand why. As I grew older and gained more freedom to buy food during school lunch in middle school, for a period of time I binged on less healthy things- because I’d never really tried them before. However, I started to notice that my body did not feel as healthy and clean as I wanted it to. So I decided to take heed of my mother’s advice, and began asking her questions of my own about how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This worked very well for me for a period of time, however things changed as I became a young teenage girl with a new access to social media and social platforms. I found that I began to struggle with my body image at the beginning and towards the middle of highschool- and I still do to an extent- and I wanted to use my knowledge of healthy food, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle to FIX my body. But I did this incorrectly. I thought I could use “intermittent fasting” as an excuse to have one protein smoothie a day. And that it was healthy for me to be participating in a sport and going home and working out excessively afterwards fueled by the energy of just this one smoothie. I cannot blame myself or anyone for beginning to think this way- I was struggling with my body image, struggling with the idea of letting myself eat too much for fear of gaining weight.

I was lucky, at this time, to have people in my life, friends and family, who caught on to what was happening and helped me learn that I did not have to FIX my body, I had to LOVE my body. And loving my body means treating it the way that you would treat anything you love- nourish it, care for it, make it feel good. I wanted to tell this story not because I think it is abnormal or special, or something that would stand out to a reader- but for the exact opposite reason. I think that this type of story- give or take some details- is the type of story that thousands of teens, women, and men have to tell. The pressure to succumb to a type of image is growing exceedingly prevalent with a growth of fake news on social media platforms and constant ads catering to girls who want to lose weight fast- I know because I have spent hours scrolling through these ads, posts, videos, etc.

I used healthy eating and a supposed “healthy lifestyle” to mask what was really going on behind the surface for me- something that was not healthy at all. The purpose of this page is simply to provide my opinion: that in this nutrition world filled with diets and carb counting and food guilt, you must be able to have a strong mind when it comes to food in order to treat your body correctly- and I think that my mom can help you do that.

What is a strong mind in regards to food and nutrition? It is the ability to remind yourself that food is GOOD, it is meant to be consumed, it is meant to be loved by your body that is how you were made. You were made to perform, to work, to do what you love to do- and the only way for you to have the energy to do that is by EATING. If you keep this in mind, as you enter any program with my mom, or begin any workout plan of your own- you will protect yourself from the types of thoughts that slip in too easily.

If you are seeking ways to lose weight fast, I might recommend that you visit another page. But if you want to lose weight so that you feel cleaner, happier and better permanently, I invite you to stay.

If you want to learn how to love your body by treating it right, nourishing it, and feeding it the right food in the right way- I invite you to stay. I’ve been in the place where I sought out ways to lose weight even when I did not have to. The place where I scourged youtube, google, and instagram for the best websites and the best programs to help me have the smallest waist and the unreasonably perfect body. If that’s how you stumbled across this website- I don’t blame you… I would’ve done the same. But now that you are here, and maybe you have read this, and maybe it’s not what you were originally looking for- I encourage you to look into it and learn more about the best way for you to treat your body. Even if it’s not as fast paced as you want- believe me I’ve been there- sometimes it’s the long game that counts. Having to watch the other kids eat Nutella sandwiches as a kid really SUCKED, but now I see the value in eating the way that I do as a result.


Nina Gatti


Learn more about having a healthy mind and information on eating disorders on the Blog Page – Mindset.

What are we doing about it?

We are working to partner with Project HEAL’s goal is to change the system that fails to take action with and, in the meantime, to provide life-saving support to people with eating disorders who the system fails. Check out their website!

Project HEAL

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