Culinary Therapy and Nutrition with Lisa Gatti

We believe food heals

Improve your health and well-being by adding the right foods to your diet. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive. Small yet powerful additions will nourish your body, increase your energy, and help you heal.


I’m Lisa, I am so glad you’re here!

For so many, the challenge with food and health is not knowing who or what to trust. We are bombarded with different info in the media and the lack of guidance from well-intentioned medical professionals can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Yet you know diet is important and what you eat affects your health.

I’m Lisa, a functional nutritionist & healthy eating expert. I’ve supported women in private practice for 10+ years. I’m passionate about helping you understand the connection between what’s on your plate and what’s happening in your body, and feel empowered in your health.

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    How food is nourishment on a cellular, mitochondrial level

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    How to cultivate a positive relationship with food

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    To be in touch with how certain foods make your body feel

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    Ways to add healthy foods missing from our modern diet

Free 5 Day Challenge

Join my free 5-day challenge to nourish your body and reclaim your inner wisdom. This easy 5-day mini-program will help you ditch the diet and food rules that assist you in the short term but are not sustainable. You’ll discover simple doable steps to better your health without having to give up any specific foods.

Free 5 Day Challenge

Join my free 5-day challenge to nourish your body and reclaim your inner wisdom.


Avocado Illustration
Avocado Illustration
  • I not only know what to do after talking with Lisa, I actually start to believe that I can do it! She’s truly an incredible nutritionist, teacher, and healer.

    Kathy S, CT
  • Lisa helped me to prioritize my wellness and growth while fighting life’s fires, allowing me and my family to keep dancing our way to greatness.

    Diana T, CT
  • I went from feeling overwhelmed with diets to having tremendous clarity around the right way to eat for my particular needs. ‘If you are going to put your trust in someone, put it in Lisa.’

    Maggie H, NY
  • I owe my sanity and my toddler’s happiness and health in large part to Lisa. She was a constant source of support and understanding, without ever making me feel clueless or burdensome.

    Samantha S, CT
  • Eating healthfully has always been a challenge. Lisa helped to ease me into the process by making changes slowly, over time, that have had a significant impact on my health and life.

    Danielle M, NY

Transformations you can expect from the healing powers of good nutrition.


  1. Less bloating and stomach upset
  2. Sleeping well and waking up refreshed
  3. Clear, bright, and glowing skin
  4. More mental focus and a stable mood
  5. A healthy body image seen through a weight-inclusive lens
  6. An end to debilitating symptoms
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