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Surprising Links: Diet and Depression

Depression and anxiety in Western society are more common than one would think. For many of us, relief comes in the form of a pill. For some, this is certainly warranted, and for others, there may just be another, more natural approach to this difficult mental health concern. Anti-depressant drugs …

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Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

I love the holiday season, from celebrations with family and friends to cozy fireside stories with the girls to finding that perfect gift. While my ideal holiday celebration would be a farm-to-table celebration of local, organic, and healthy foods, tradition takes precedence in my Italian family. The menu is abundant …

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Feeling stressed? Eat THESE Foods

Lately, I’m loving grapefruits. Grapefruits are a seasonal winter fruit high in Vitamin C. Likely, you know that vitamin C gives your immune system a boost, but did you know it also reduces both the mental and physical effects of stress? Not surprising, I’m craving this super food during one …

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Feeling congested? Here’s what to do.

While I’d love to tell you I’m completely immune to life’s seasonal colds and viruses, the truth is that while I work to keep my immunity strong through my diet, I still get knocked off my feet by a virus or two. The November chill, an outdoor festival at our local …

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The Healing Nature of Food

I remember when my younger daughter found her balance on the ice. She was gliding and twirling with her older sister, both of them dreaming of being the next Olympic star 🙂 I love the bittersweet moments when a child takes a step away from your guiding hands, toward confidence …

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