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Our Two Core Beliefs


In functional nutrition, we address the root cause of health problems and disease. Since the root cause varies from person to person so does the approach to healing. We take into account the interplay between your genes, lifestyle, and environment. This is contrast to the focus on disease stabilization + symptom suppression in conventional medicine.


A gentle approach to nutrition that is inclusive, rather than restrictive, is the key to sustaining good food habits. Gentle nutrition is my unique approach to making the process of getting healthy simple and delicious.

Gentle Nutrition Program

The current culture of dieting is focused on what you can’t eat and often feels intense and fast-paced. This approach is not sustainable, which is why so many diets fail. This profoundly effective foundational program offers simple, easy, gentle daily practices that support sustainable good health. Imagine learning how to eat well without having to go on a diet or deprive yourself of the foods you love.

In this program, you’ll learn about foods to include by making gentle shifts in your diet to create sustainable healthy habits. We focus on progress, not perfection. Gentle nutrition is also about making food choices that are not only healthy but delicious. This is not a one diet fits all approach, and so you will create food habits that support your unique body, culture, and lifestyle.

In this program you will...

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    Improve your health and know what truly works best for your unique body

  • 02

    Feel comfortable and confident in your body through a weight inclusive practice

  • 03

    View food as nourishment at the cellular level and as a way to gather with others

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    End unhealthy eating patterns and cultivate a positive relationship with food

Private Nutrition Services

My private nutrition services are designed to support you if you are struggling with a health condition or frustrating symptoms and are motivated to do what it takes to get well. As a functional nutritionist, my highly individualized private nutrition services approach healing by finding and dealing with the root cause of your symptoms or diagnosis.

Your diagnosis is not your destiny! Instead, you’ll come to see your symptoms are your body’s way of alerting you about a problem that needs your attention.


Specializing in women’s health, I help with...

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    Chronic dieting and disordered eating recovery

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    Digestive issues (bloating, food sensitivities, IBS, SIBO)

  • Bread Illustration

    Achieving hormone balance
    (menopause, stress)

  • Melon Illustration

    Issues with blood sugar
    (insulin resistance, diabetes)

  • Artichoke Illustration

    Mood challenges
    (anxiety, sadness)

  • Berries Illustration

    Trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night

  • Orange Illustration

    Help with anti-aging
    (genetic testing, longevity)

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Premier Nutrition Assessment

We’ll start with an in-depth review of your nutrition and health and get clear on your goals. You’ll have a deeper understanding of your history, struggles, and aspirations prior to our initial call so we can focus our time together on building your plan of action.

One-on-One 90 Minute Session

We’ll review your Premier Nutrition Assessment and uncover what’s working for you and what’s not. You’ll get my best nutrition recommendations, food suggestions + recipes. You’ll feel heard, and confident with the tools you need to move forward.

Customized Healthy Eating Plan

During the call, we will devise a plan to reach your goals. You’ll know the exact steps to take to improve your health and well-being. You’ll have a path towards feeling better!

Ongoing Support

Most of my clients choose a multi-session package that offers ongoing 1-on-1 support after their Initial Nutrition Evaluation. Packages range in length from 3-6 months.

Access to Healthy Resources

You’ll receive access to recipes, lists of foods, books, products, and resources to guide and support your transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Services Also Include

  • Food sensitivity testing and personalized food plan
  • Vitamin testing and treatment of nutrient deficiencies
  • Genetic testing and personalized recommendations

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