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The #1 Pantry Staple To Avoid

Last weekend, I prepared and froze 40 pounds of fresh farm tomatoes for fall and winter sauces and stews.

If there’s one food you should never buy in a can, it’s a tomato. Cans in general contain toxic chemicals (known as BPA) that are dangerous to your health. And highly acidic foods, like tomatoes, soak up those chemicals.

According to recent studies, just a couple of servings of canned food exceeds the “safety limits” for daily BPA exposure for children.

BPA is linked to digestive problems, neurological problems, and reproductive abnormalities. In my humble opinion, when it comes to your family’s safety and your children’s growth potential, the safety limit should really be zero.

While freezing 40 pounds of tomatoes is great if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen like I do, there are other more simple solutions too. So, no excuses 🙂

Here’s the short list of canned food brands that DO NOT contain BPA in their linings:

  1. Native Forest – canned coconut milk
  2. Eden Organic – canned beans
  3. Amy’s – canned beans
  4. Vital Choice – canned seafood
  5. Eco Fish – canned seafood
  6. Wild Planet – canned seafood
  7. Farmer’s Market – canned vegetables, including pumpkin and butternut squash

When it comes to vegetables and fruit, frozen is a better alternative to canned (and will retain more of its nutrients).  

Canned tomatoes, soups, and olives should be avoided. Instead, try products packaged in glass jars or even in a box. I like the boxed Pomi tomatoes and Pacific broth.

It’s important to remember that while these are all great alternatives, fresh is always going to be best. Stock your pantry with these safe essentials for busy days when you need something really quick. And, remember to include a variety of seasonal, fresh whole foods in your diet every day.

Simple Action Plan
Now is the perfect time of year to upgrade your pantry with the healthy essentials you and your family needs to thrive. Pick just one pantry upgrade and implement it this week!

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