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Collagen: A Gut-Supportive Superfood

It’s chilly here in the Northeast, my favorite time of year to cozy up with a good book and a warm bowl of soup. The thought of soup reminds me of my great-grandmother-in-law who turned ninety years old last week. Her secret to longevity: a daily bowl of vegetable soup for …

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Sick of having a bloated belly? Read this.

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms I see in my practice, especially this time of year. And there’s no way around it: feeling bloated stinks. Maybe you have a beer belly (but don’t drink beer). Or maybe you struggle with bad gas or smelly breath. Each of these …

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My Favorite Seed for Improved Digestion

I’ve been thinking a lot about chewing. During last month’s smoothie challenge, I talked about chewing smoothies (yes, really!) to ease digestive stress. At home, the girls like to have chewing contests to see who can chew their food the most number of times before swallowing. They’re counting from 4 to 20 …

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Tricks for Travelers Constipation

Summer brings sunshine and play and oftentimes, travel. We’re taking an extended drive up to Maine to drop my daughter off for her first season of sleep-away summer camp. We leave on Saturday. While I always enjoy the change in scenery, being away from home can sometimes throw our bodies …

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Tigernuts, A Superfood For Your Belly

Have you heard of tiger nuts?….Tiger, what?! Tigernuts are currently trending in superfood communities, being touted by many as the next superfood craze. Despite the name, tigernuts aren’t actually nuts. (Great news for those of you with nut allergies.) Instead they are starchy tubers (root-like bulbs) like yuca, sweet potatoes, …

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Gut Supportive Breakfast

I was at my local gym over the weekend for my favorite barre class and wow was it crowded. The new year is a great time for a fresh start! For me, a fresh start begins in the kitchen at 6:25 am. As you may know, I love starting my …

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