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Trick or Treat?

Halloween is an exciting time of year. From hayrides to pumpkin carving to costumes, the thrill is in the anticipation of the big event.

On Halloween night, the rewards are great. It’s never “just take one” anymore. Today’s homeowners are especially generous, offering 2, 3 or even a handful of treats. My kids are wide-eyed with excitement, ecstatic to partake in such a grand event.

And here-in comes my dilemma. Do I turn a blind eye to the sacks of candy loaded with preservatives, bad fats, toxic chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors and GMO sugar or corn syrup?


After some (ok, alot) of thought on the matter, I have opted for trick AND treat this year. Here are my favorite tricks to make Halloween a healthier treat for my girls (and me!), without having them feel deprived:

  1.  EAT DINNER before you trick-or-treat. Make sure dinner is high in fiber and protein. This is important for two reasons:  First, their tummies will be full longer leaving less room for handfuls of sweets. And second, a meal rich in fiber and protein will slow the absorption of sugar resulting in less of a sugar “high”.
  2.  If you can’t get your kids to sit down for dinner, offer them SALTY SNACKS instead. Think carbohydrates like nuts or trail mix or granola.
  3.  On Halloween night, LET THEM EAT THE CANDY guilt free. Hopefully, we’ve done a good job with one and two above that they aren’t eating bags full.
  4. On November 1st, THROW AWAY THE REST! Insist on a healthy home and get rid of it. Try buying back the candy bag by allowing your child to exchange it for a small toy from the toy store.
  5. Offer FOOD ALTERNATIVES at the door. We purchased Halloween party bags from Target filled with small toys- rubber bats, pumpkins, spider rings and more.


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