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Tigernuts, A Superfood For Your Belly

Have you heard of tiger nuts?….Tiger, what?!

Tigernuts are currently trending in superfood communities, being touted by many as the next superfood craze.

Despite the name, tigernuts aren’t actually nuts. (Great news for those of you with nut allergies.)

Instead they are starchy tubers (root-like bulbs) like yuca, sweet potatoes, yams and potatoes. These tubers have been a major part of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years.

So while tigernuts are not a “new” food, they’re new to hit the US.

Paleo and raw food communities are raving about their perfect nutritional profile. And I love them, in particular, for their belly-loving support.

Tiger Nuts and Your Belly:

        • Tigernuts are the best source of resistant starch. Resistant starches are a type of starch that is not digested. Instead, it reaches your colon intact (which is why we don’t see spikes in blood sugar after eating it).
        • The resistant starch in your colon are responsible for feeding your good gut bacteria. The overall number and quantity of good bacteria in your gut has a powerful impact on your health.
        • During this “feeding” process, the good bacteria release Butyrate, which is like energy for your colon. It also reduces inflammation and improves body metabolism.

My Favorite Snack:

81JKnSLmJ5L._SY679_What do I always carry for snack? Tigernuts, my new favorite superfood.

Tigernuts can be eaten raw, straight from the bag. But unlike nuts, they’re really hard and tough on your teeth. This WILL prevent overeating!

Or, you can soak them overnight, strain, and enjoy.

Your Simple Action Plan:
This week, click here to order my favorite brand of tigernuts.  And, don’t forget to pack some for your handbag and car when you’re on-the go.

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