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The Healing Nature of Food

Last weekend, my younger daughter found her balance on the ice.

She was gliding and twirling with her older sister, both of them dreaming of being the next Olympic star 🙂

I love the bittersweet moments when a child takes a step away from your guiding hands, toward confidence and independence.

We spent that evening celebrating the little things.

It wasn’t that long ago that she wasn’t thriving. Those of you who know me, know that her and her sister simultaneously struggled with sleep apnea at one and three years of age.
You know that there were what felt like endless doctors visits, sleepless nights for all of us, and surgery for both of them, which ultimately failed miserably.
You also know that the healing power of whole, clean, healthy foods was their path to good health.
I discovered that while conventional Western medicine has its strengths, it also has its weaknesses. In an emergency situation, a car accident or heart attack for instance, we can rely on the expertise of Western medical technology. But, it fails in two very important ways.
1 -It does not address the root cause of a problem. In the case of my daughters, sleep apnea was a symptom of a larger underlying problem, a problem of inflammation that resulted from exposure to a toxic diet and lifestyle (and I, ironically, thought we were “relatively healthy”).
2 -It doesn’t focus on prevention. The tough truth is that we live in a sick nation. But, equally important to know is that we can alter the state of our health right now. The way you live today impacts your health next week, next year, 20 years, even 30 years from now.
It is my mission to help you understand that food matters to your health. That every single thing that you put in your mouth either helps you or harms you.  
Last week, I spent 3 days at the Future of Nutrition Conference where I heard different thought leaders in our country speak to this. It is so exciting to hear the science catch up with the wisdom of our great grand parents.
  • Dr. Mark Hyman (functional medical doctor): “We can change the way our genes are expressed. Which genes are turned on or off…We can change our genes through what we are eating”.
  • Dr. David Perlmutter (neurologist): “Diseases of the brain absolutely relate to lifestyle choices like food, toxins, exercise, head trauma.”
  • Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (author of the GAPS diet): “The root of our health care is in our digestive system”.
Or, as Hippocrates said (400 BC), “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

This week, I invite you to step into your kitchen, the heart of good health and healing in your home.

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