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A Peek Inside My Spring Medicine Cabinet

This morning, I sent my daughters to school after a breakfast of green smoothies. I have to admit that I love knowing that they’ve already eaten a days worth of veggies before 9am.

The girls don’t always drink green smoothies for breakfast, but after an Italian family reunion and a vacation away, we were in need of a re-charge. Our re-charge was a kale, banana, and apple smoothie, their favorite green recipe.

We usually don’t stray very far from our own food rules, but when we’re traveling or celebrating with family I often pass the wooden spoon baton 🙂

Bloated, tired, foggy, and sinus pain were my wake up call this morning. That, and my kids arguing at 6:30am (not usual).

I love moments like this because I’m reminded of how food affects everything. My energy, my motivation, my health, my waistline, my mood, my girls and how well they get along at 6:30 am…

I’m happy to be back in the kitchen this week, preparing meals to support my family, my own health, and YOU.

Whether you’re struggling with a seasonal cold, spring allergies, digestive upset or other nagging symptoms, what’s on your plate is the foundation for your good health. In the spring, I like to focus on clearing and cleansing.

My #1 recommendation is a spring detox! Right now is the perfect time to press the reset button and invite clarity, focus, lightness, and energy into your life. Find out about this season’s signature program here.

And, take a peek inside my well-stocked spring medicine cabinet for natural remedies that will cleanse and clear, perfect for when you need that extra support.

Here are my favorite spring remedies:

  1. Milk Thistle – If you’re feeling sluggish, your liver may need some support. Spring is the time of year to cleanse your liver, and you can do that with milk thistle. Milk thistle is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to cleanse and repair your liver.
  2. Oil Of Oregano – Oil of oregano is nature’s best antibiotic, perfect for fighting spring colds and viruses. It’s also anti-fungal, and will support an anti-yeast or anti-parasitic protocol. The taste is very strong, so either buy it in supplement form or use a good chaser!
  3. Manuka Honey – If seasonal allergies are your concern, manuka honey is your remedy. With considerably more enzymes than traditional honey, manuka is the top choice. Studies have shown that it really reduces seasonal allergies and the need for allergy medications. Try 1-2 tbsp/day for the duration of the allergy season.
  4. Slippery Elm – Slippery elm and manuka honey are both great for soothing the sore throats associated with spring colds. It’s also great for digestive disturbances, including both including IBS and IBD.
  5. Neti Pot – If you suffer from chronic sinus issues like I used to, invest in a neti pot. Using a neti pot to clean and clear the nasal passages can virtually eliminated chronic sinus pain and congestion. A must have.

Your Simple Action Plan:

Stock your natural medicine cabinet to support your health this spring.

And, schedule a time in your calendar for a spring detox!


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