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Got Seasonal Allergies? Try These Tips

While spring is a time of reawakening and rebirth, for allergy sufferers nature’s blooms bring on fogginess, grogginess and low energy.

The good news is, there’s a tremendous amount you can do with food to reduce and even eliminate seasonal allergy concerns.

Remember to back it up and take a look at the health of your digestive system first. It may sound crazy that the health of your belly affects the health of your sinuses, but the two systems are very related.

The health of your gut impacts your entire immune system. If your digestive system is weak, the rest of your body suffers… and the result for many people are allergy symptoms that flare up every spring.

Here are my top tips to combat seasonal allergies so you can enjoy a spring season free of sniffling and sneezing.

Top Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

  1. Fill Up on Fresh Whole Foods: Avoid processed and genetically modified foods to keep your gut healthy and boost your immune system.
  2. Consider Gluten, Dairy and Sugar as potential foods that may be exacerbating the issue.
  3. Feed the Good Bacteria in Your Gut with fermented foods or a good probiotic supplement to prevent the bacterial imbalance that leads to leaky gut and a weak immunity.
  4. Stock Your Fridge with Quercetin-Rich Foods. Quercetin is a natural anti-histamine. Try apples, berries, onions, garlic, cruciferous veggies, leafy greens and citrus fruits. 
  5. Try Local Raw Honey: Studies have shown that local, raw honey reduces seasonal allergies and the need for allergy medications. Try 1 tsp/day for the duration of the allergy season. Enjoy local honey directly from the spoon or try my powerful Allergy Buster Tea. For best results, start now! It takes a couple of months to take effect.

Your Simple Action Plan:
This week let’s beat your spring allergies! What’s your favorite allergy-busting tip? Let me know in the comments below!

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