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We are always asking our kids for one more try. When they fall off a bike, we show them to get up and try again. When they come home after a bad day, we ask them to go back and try again the next day. When something is too hard, try try again. This mantra also works remarkably well when dealing with new foods and picky eaters.

Did you know that it often takes children ten tries or more before liking a new food? When we understand that, we begin to understand why it’s so important to repeatedly offer new foods. As moms, our role at the table is not (as our parent’s once thought) to  force our children to eat everything on their plates, rather, it is to repeatedly offer them healthy options and enforce the rule to try, try again. As with riding a bike, practice makes perfect.

Trying new foods will develop a child’s palate and expand their taste for new, exciting, and even healthy alternatives! Today’s children suffer not only from obesity, but from lack of nutrients. It’s so important to teach them how to nourish their rapidly developing bodies and brains.

What’s one new food you can offer your children this week?


Be Well!



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