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Healthy Hemp Seeds

Did you know that the hemp plant has superfood qualities? When most people think hemp, they think marijuana. While hemp and marijuana are in the same plant family, they’re very different in a very important way – their THC content. Hemp plants contain very little of the THC that gives marijuana its reputation.

Historically, hemp has offered us more than its edible greens, seeds and oils. It has been used to make clothing, paper, and even an artist’s canvas.

As a food, the seed is quite versatile. It is a complete protein source, just like meat and poultry. It’s also very high in essential fatty acids, making it a unique replacement for fish. This is not only a great food for vegetarians and vegans, but for any of us without access to eat clean fish (and given the state of today’s oceans, that’s many of us).

Hemp seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. The many health benefits include:

  • Easily absorbable (and easy on digestion)
  • A top brain food (great for growing minds!)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports blood sugar balance
  • Supports strong bones (great for growing bodies!)
  • Supports a strong immune system (for fewer colds and flus in the cooler months ahead)
  • High fiber content helps prevent constipation

Buying, storing and preparation:

When purchasing hemp seed, look for the shelled seed. Or, find them as a protein powder, an oil or a seed butter.

Because the oils in hemp seeds oxidize quickly, they are best stored in the freezer.

Quick serving ideas:

Your Simple Action Plan:
If you haven’t discovered tasty hemp, now’s the time! Boost what’s on your plate (or in your smoothie!) this week with one of my very favorite superfoods.

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