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The Phenomenal Benefits Of Green Tea

Sometimes, we can’t see what’s right in front of us.

For me last weekend, this was literally the case. I was sitting on my deck thinking about what to write about this week and the answer was right in front of my eyes…

I had spent the past hour in my kitchen brewing the perfect iced green tea. And there it was, on the table directly in front of me. The answer to this month’s food dilemma 🙂

Green tea is a staple in my home, and for good reason. It is antioxidant rich, reduces inflammation, and will improve your digestion. EGCG, a component in green tea, slows the conversion of glucose into fat.  In other words, it also helps with metabolism and weight loss.

Tea was first discovered in China but has traveled, conquering almost every country in the world with its unique taste and incredible health benefits. Tea is the most popular, and one of the healthiest, beverages in the world. And green tea in particular falls at the top of the list.

The health benefits of green tea include:

  • Green tea will stimulate your metabolism and aid in weight loss
  • The powerful antioxidants in green tea will decrease inflammation, boost your immunity, fight cancer, and lower cholesterol
  • Used as a digestive aid, green tea will cut the fats and oils from a rich meal and soothe indigestion
  • Green tea supports a healthy mind, keeping your brain cells alert
  • The L-theanine in green tea creates a sense of relaxation and calm, and activates brain waves similar to what you would experience during a meditation.

Buying and Storing Green Tea:

Whenever possible, choose a high quality tea which will produce a pale green to yellow-green cup. If you’re choosing loose leaf tea, tightly squeeze the leaves in your hand. Fresh tea will smell sweet and grassy, not stale.

To test tea bags, remove the tea from the bag and steep the bag in hot water. If the steeped bag water tastes like tea, the tea is old (meaning the bag itself has absorbed the flavor of the tea). If it tastes like water, the tea is likely fresh.

To protect the freshness of your tea, store in a tight container away from light.

Quick Serving Ideas:

  • Enjoy a warm cup of green tea in cooler weather.
  • For a warm weather option, try my refreshing summer Iced Green Tea Elixir .
  • For an anti-oxidant boost, add steeped green tea to smoothies in place of water.

Your Simple Action Plan:

Green tea is really a no-brainer when it comes to improving your overall well-being. Add green tea to your market list this week and experiment with it in your diet. This one small change will have a BIG impact.

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