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Celeriac Root For Digestion

There’s a funny looking knob gracing our supermarkets this week known as celeriac root. Celeriac root is a fall and winter staple that’s worth experimenting with in the kitchen. It looks like the swollen, knobby base of a stem, almost like a turnip with rough edges and ragged roots.

Celeriac is a mineral powerhouse, containing plenty of calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium. It also contains vitamin B, an energy-booster and vitamin C, our immune system protector. Celeriac is perfect for supporting your body through fall and into winter with grounded, stable energy.

The incredible health benefits of celeriac root include:

~Aids in digestion
~Reduces indigestion
~High in fiber, which supports the removal of waste through your digestive tract
~Has anti-inflammatory properties
~Helps to reduce blood pressure
~Helps to alleviate kidney stones
~It is a diuretic, and thus helpful in ridding the body of toxins
~Supportive in treating arthritic conditions

Buying, Storing, and Preparation:

Purchase smaller roots that are firm and heavy. Fresh celeriac has green stems that aren’t wilted. Refrigerate and keep up to three weeks. Peel just prior to use.

Quick Serving Ideas:

~Add celeriac root to your favorite minestrone soup, or try my recipe here.
~Eat it raw, sliced into your favorite salad.
~Cut into chunks and roast with your favorite seasonal veggies.
~Cut into fries and bake with olive oil and sea salt.
~Cook and mash it with potatoes.
~Blend it into your favorite fall or winter stew.
~Celeriac root is great raw with walnuts or hazelnuts and mint.
~As a digestive recovery tonic, juice and drink immediately.

Your Simple Action Plan:

Check your local market for celeriac root this week. Purchase it, cook with it, enjoy. And, let me know what you think!

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