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Sick of having a bloated belly? Read this.

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms I see in my practice, especially this time of year. And there’s no way around it: feeling bloated stinks.

Maybe you have a beer belly (but don’t drink beer). Or maybe you struggle with bad gas or smelly breath. Each of these symptoms are signs that your belly needs some love and attention.

Whether it was something you ate, how you ate it, or a variety of other offenders, the good news is that there are some things that you can do immediately to alleviate the bloat and discomfort.

This week, I’m happy to share with you the top 3 tips in my toolbox to eliminate belly bloat and feel better right now.

My Top 3 Tips To Eliminate Belly Bloat:


Contrary to popular belief, digestion starts in your brain not your stomach. A deep breath or two before each meal will help to calm your body and signal to your brain that it’s time to eat. This will stimulate the production of digestive juices and enzymes which will enhance your body’s ability to break down food.

In other words, slow down and breath to digest your food better so that it doesn’t ferment in your belly, causing bloating and gas. For many clients, this step alone has made a huge difference.


Healthy foods are whole, clean foods. What are whole, clean foods? These are the foods found in nature. Plant foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and legumes. Animal products if you eat them. Start here.

Then, consider the preparation method. If your digestive system is showing signs of weakness, simple and easy to digest foods will be easier for your body to break down and assimilate. Raw foods (while great!) can be tough on a weak belly. Stick with soups, steamed vegetables, and slowly cooked entrees. Try using a slow cooker to prepare healthy dinners.



If you’re feeling heavy after a meal, consider sipping an herbal tea or elixir. Fennel tea is especially helpful in alleviating digestive symptoms like gas, bloating and cramping. I like peppermint tea, in particular, for eliminating intestinal gas and calming the spasms of IBS. Finally, try ginger or chamomile. Both are helpful in relieving gas, soothing pain, reducing inflammation and strengthening the stomach.

This week’s Simple Action Plan
What one tip resonated with you this week? Insight without action is meaningless! Choose your favorite tip and incorporate it into your daily schedule. Try a peppermint tea after dinner in the early evening or slow down and take a moment to breath before your next meal. It’s the small changes, over time, that will have the greatest impact on your health.

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