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Bone Broth: The Next Superfood Craze

Before chicken soup was “for the soul”, it was prescribed as a home treatment for nearly everything from headaches to fatigue to the common cold and flu. Turns out there’s truth to this common folk remedy and your grandmother’s homemade chicken soup does, in fact, have medicinal value. Today, bone …

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Nature’s Gatorade

It occurred to me this summer that everyone we know drinks Gatorade. Whether at the gym, outdoor sports games or during summer camp, Gatorade is the beverage of choice. Mainstream sports drinks like Gatorade replenish athletes (young and old) with important electrolytes lost during exercise, but they also contain added sugars, artificial …

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Vitamin D: The Single Most Important Vitamin

I was sitting outside over the weekend in 70 degree sunshine watching the girls swim. It was only for an hour, but we managed to sunburn our shoulders. Oops, summer is almost here! Which reminds me, if you want to start the summer feeling pounds lighter, brighter, and full of …

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Coffee: To Drink Or Not To Drink?

Today, I am reminiscing about coffee. I am reminded of the weeks I spent in Milan while working in the fashion industry. I began the day with a warm café, enjoyed an espresso with lunch, a macchiato mid-afternoon, and a cappuccino after dinner. It was perfect. So perfect, that I …

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Escape the Food Rut

I love food. I love sharing healthy meals with family and friends; I love experimenting in the kitchen to create easy and delicious recipes; I love that food really matters in how we look, feel and think. But while I’d love to say we always sit down to a “perfect” …

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My Favorite Natural Sweetener

When we lived in CT, my daughters attended a montessori preschool. Behind the school was a large, beautiful maple tree that the children tapped each year for its sap. On a much-anticipated morning, they then boiled the sap in the school’s kitchen and enjoyed pancakes and freshly made syrup. The smell was incredible and the …

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