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Summer Play and Detox

I LOVE summer. I love the blossoming flowers and trees, the heat of the summer sun, and the calming effects of a soft ocean breeze. I love that with summer comes abundance, and plenty of opportunity for more variety on our plates.

Farmer’s markets are a favorite pastime, my way of connecting with nature’s bounty. Last week’s discovery, a yellow watermelon. Have you tried one? From the outside, a yellow watermelon looks identical to a traditional watermelon. But it lacks lycopene, an antioxidant that makes watermelon (and tomatoes) red. The yellow flesh is sweeter, almost honey-like in taste, and equally refreshing.

Exploring nature and local farmer’s markets is my summer play, not unlike my children’s playful discoveries of a new bug in the garden or the triumph of having built a castle in the sand.

We love to travel too, summer culminating for us in an annual vacation with my extended family. This year, we play on Lake Tahoe.

For many of us, play means a loosening of our boundaries, a time to “let go”. Summer travel, barbecues, and parties provide us with the perfect opportunity to relax our eating routines, drink with our friends, forego the gym. You know who you are 🙂

Like you, the pendulum swings for me too. I have a very sensitive stomach, and am reminded of this whenever I eat outside my own personal boundaries. For me this summer, it was a cup of coffee (I can’t drink caffeine) that I had with a friend thinking it would be ok. It wasn’t. Stomach bloat, indigestion, restless sleep… all reminders to return to my path, to what I know works well for me, to the place I feel really well.

Living healthfully isn’t about perfection, it’s about recognizing the ups and downs in your eating patterns; it’s about feeling less guilty about eating the “wrong thing”; it’s about knowing what to do to shift things back to where you want them to be.

The end of summer is the perfect time to shift your focus back on your health and RESTORE healthier eating patterns.

Summer’s lighter and hydrating foods are nature’s remedy. Eating more of these foods will give your digestive system a much needed rest. Really important, as the latest in nutritional science recognizes your digestive system to be at the core of your health.

The end of summer offers us the opportunity to focus on your digestive system. Supporting this body system will help to RESTORE the health of your entire body, and improve your immunity for the cooler seasons ahead. That means less viruses, colds, and flus, yay!

Please join me in the upcoming RESTORE Detox, an 11-day celebration of delicious summer foods and a protocol to RESTORE your digestive health.  

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