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The hunter, the lion and the detox

Do you know the story of the hunter and the lion? It’s one that comes up with most, if not all of my private clients, especially this time of year…

Although we are surrounded by modern technology, human physiology is based on our needs as hunters and gatherers. In particular, we are living a 21st century lifestyle with a very outdated stress response (one that can’t be “traded in” for a newer, better adapted model).

Let me explain what I mean…

Imagine the hunter, his wife, children, and tribal family. As the sunlight disappears, they settle to sleep just like every other night in their village. Except that this night is different. A lion (or enemy from a neighboring tribe) attacks the small village. The tribe members are startled awake, and their stress response prepares the body for fight or flight…

Adrenaline and cortisol are released. And as a result, blood and energy normally used for non-critical organs like digestion are sent to the muscles. Once the immediate danger has passed, the body quickly returns to rest and relaxation.

For a re-vitalizing week of rest and relaxation, join me here!

What do hunter gatherers have to do with us? When it comes to our physiology, a lot. In fact, 99.9% of the genes that make us human took shape during that time period. Our bodies are actually built to respond to the types of stress that hunter-gatherer societies encountered.

The problem is, the stress response is designed to be a short term reaction to immediate danger. In our modern world, stress is continual, lasting days, weeks, and often months.

Whether you’re fighting a lion or have a difficult job, financial worries, health concerns, or just the regular day-to-day challenges, your stress response is essentially the same.

And turns out, this particular response is not as useful in dealing with modern day stressors as it was in dealing with lions. Chronic stress will cause digestive distress, disease like IBS, and even chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

When your body is in a heightened state, your digestive system literally shuts down. It’s unable to properly breakdown and absorb the nutrients from your food and deliver them to your cells.

You know that stress affects your quality of life, but turns out it effects that bowl of oatmeal you had this morning, too.

So, how do you prevent chronic stress from wreaking havoc on your body?

Nourish is THE BEST WAY to stop the effects of chronic stress on your digestion, your sleep, your mood, and your health.

Going back to my clients, here’s what I’m seeing:

~A successful business owner who struggles with heartburn, indigestion, bloating and constipation
~A stay at home mom of four with fatigue and energy issues
~A mom with a child fighting Chrohn’s disease
~A woman with tension headaches that began after starting a new job that sapped up her time to cook, to get to the gym, and to take her dog out walking.
~Or, what about me? The busy business owner, mom, wife, cook, housekeeper, and photographer on the side?!

We, and YOU, share a common need to rest and digest. Because how you eat your food is just as important as what you are eating.  

This week, let’s rest and digest. 
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Your Simple Action Plan:

Imagine that in just one week you could hit the reset button and feel better than you have in years… Join me for Nourish, my signature winter program to stop the effects of chronic stress and improve your digestion, your sleep, your mood, and your health.

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