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Have a drink with me…

When I’m not helping clients or at the market, you’ll find me in the kitchen. The kitchen is my meditation room. It’s where we gather as a community with family or with friends. It’s where I prepare the foods that nourish my family and excite our guests.

The kitchen is also my medicine cabinet. It’s where I go to continually explore the foods that are going to be optimal for my own health, my family, and you.  

I often start my day standing in front of the blender with a pile of vegetables and fruit, seeds or nut butter, and a superfood. Blending a morning smoothie is a ritual I began years ago when my digestive system was weak.

Smoothies are a great way to pack in a lot of nutrients all at once in an easy-to digest form. Digestion takes energy (in fact 80% of our energy goes back into digesting food). So, taking a break from digestion will both give your digestive system a rest and leave more energy for you.

Why are smoothies so good for you? Smoothies are…

~ Full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals

~ Easy to digest, which means optimal assimilation of nutrients

~ A lasting source of energy

Made using raw foods that are key for good digestion and elimination

~ Terrific for cleansing your body of toxicity which will release extra bloat

~ An easy way to add more fiber to your diet for optimal bowel function

Smoothies are quick and easy to make, and unlike a vegetable juice, they are budget friendly. 
If you’re new to blended vegetables, start slow. Your first smoothie should have more fruit than vegetables, which will sweeten the taste.

Your Simple Action Plan:
Try a smoothie for breakfast!7DaySC_Ipad

Or, join me for a drink….

I want to invite you into my online kitchen (this week!!) so I can support you in having high energy days, feeling less bloated, and getting unclogged.

Download my “7-Day Smoothie Challenge” guide so we can do this together. You’ll receive 17 smoothie recipes and access to a private online forum.

You can have smoothies for breakfast and lunch if you want, but the challenge is to add in at least one smoothie a day.

Best news?  This is free for everyone!

Join me on Saturday, October 22nd at 8 AM EST in a private forum where we’ll drink a smoothie together for seven days. And, you’ll learn all about energy, digestion, getting unclogged and overall health.

Are you ready to join me for a week of smoothies? Click here to get started.

You’ll receive your free Ebook and recipes immediately and I’ll see you in the forum on Sunday!Are fruits and veggies more fun in liquid form? I think so  🙂


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