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New Year, New Beginnings…

Happy day after New Year!

I woke up this morning and ran five miles. Five miles, wow! For some, no big deal. But for me, someone who’s not a runner by nature, five miles was an accomplishment.

I have always preferred a good hike in the parks of Maine, yoga on the beach, or a great Pilates class at the gym.

Why run? I was prompted to run after my sister in law ran the NYC marathon back in November. My husband wanted to do it, so I said ok.

And now I’m giving it a try. Not the marathon, but running. The marathon will come later (we’ll see!). For now, I’ve committed to a 10K. And from there….

I love this time of year because there is great opportunity for a fresh start.

What I find fascinating, is that this is actually backed by the scientific community. According to Dr. John Norcross, a specialist in resolution behavior, timing is everything when it comes to setting goals and resolutions. His studies show that your success rate is ten times better when you commit to a change at the start of the new year then any other time of year. That’s pretty significant.

 The BEST TIME of year for a fresh start is now!

According to Norcross, successful change is not linked to having big goals and superior willpower. Good news, right?! Rather, you’ll have the greatest success committing to smaller more manageable goals. Think 10K, not marathon.

Or, if a healthy lifestyle is your marathon, think 7-day detox instead.

The word “detox” sounds “big goal” scary, but when it comes to food, it’s actually not. It’s simply a short term clean eating plan meant to have you feeling better quickly. It’s a great way to reset your health, and perfect post-holiday season.

In speaking of detox, I am thrilled to announce that Nourish: A New Year’s Detox is officially open for enrollment today.

Nourish is a winter detox program to nourish, re-charge, & reset your health in 7 days. It’s the first in a series of 4 seasonal whole food detoxes that we will be offering to you this year. If it speaks to you, I’d love for you to join me!

But let’s get back to resolutions. I want to leave you with one final thought…

Over the years, through my private practice and group programs, I’ve found that having the support and accountability to do what you set out to do facilitates the small habit changes that, over time, result in lifestyle transformations. So whether that’s with me in a detox program, or on your own with a trusted friend, support is key.

In conclusion, remember these 3 key factors when it comes to goal setting and resolutions:

  1. The best time of year to set goals is now
  2. Successful change is linked to small steps, not big goals
  3. A support system is key to keeping you motivated and on track.


Please join me in Nourish: A New Year’s Detox, the winter detox program to nourish, re-charge, & reset your health in 7 days.

We all tend to indulge a little over the holidays, leaving us feeling bloated, heavy and ready for a fresh start. If this is you, I’d love to support you in this highly effective yet simple 7 day detox, that’s all about new beginnings.

Now available for registration.  




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