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My Healing Kitchen Cookbook

Eating well is something I encourage all of my clients to do every day.

Doing so not only improves gut health, but eating well makes the difference when it comes to how you feel -from having the energy to get on the floor and play with your kids, to reaching your ideal weight, to having brighter daily moods or more clarity and focus at work.

I’d venture to say that 90% of the time, no matter the health issue, the answer lies on your plate.

This week, I want you to get into your kitchen and COOK! To help you, I’ve put together a signature cookbook based on all of the recipes I’ve created and shared with my private clients.

These recipes were my first step towards healing when I went through my own health crisis years ago. And they’re the very same recipes I feed my family today.

This is not just any cookbook. The 60+ recipes are delicious yet simple enough for every-day cooking, upgraded with the nutrients and ingredients you need to feel great. And nutritional notes are included with each recipe so you know exactly what you’re eating and how it will support you.

I know you’re going to love it 🙂

You’ll finally have a collection of nutritionist-approved recipes to cook with every day.

Plus, you’ll know how to nourish everything from gut health to a clear mind to a vibrant body – so that aging gracefully is a breeze.

To celebrate my birthday this week (yay!) and the release of my new cookbook (wahoo!), you can get your copy for a very special price I’ve created just for you.

Click here to get my Healing Kitchen cookbook for a very special price ~ this week only!

For one-week only, my Healing Kitchen cookbook is just $7. To get this special price, use the coupon code “specialgift” at checkout.

With love and great recipes!

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