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Your Halloween Recovery Plan!

Sometimes, even the healthiest among us can’t help but get into the Halloween fun.

Life (and a stash of Halloween candy) gets in the way of our healthy choices and then the guilt sets in. But regret and guilt not only feel bad emotionally, they can literally give you a stomach ache.

And any stress in your belly can lead to things like extra weight, belly bloat or indigestion.

It can also cause you to feel “stuck”, sometimes emotionally and sometimes physically. If you are experiencing digestive discomforts like constipation, diarrhea, or IBS, maybe you can relate.

But what’s worse is what feeling physically or emotionally stuck does to the quality of your daily life. Sluggish, foggy, grumpy and tired are what come to mind, and constantly waiting for the “right time” to change.

NO MORE WAITING!!!  Click here for your Halloween recovery plan.

Did you know that autumn foods, in particular, support a healthy elimination? We tend not to want to talk about it (poop, yuck!), but healthy elimination is really important.

Your body can retain 5-10 pounds of toxins if elimination is poor. That’s a lot!

Sometimes, energy may come from a bar. Other times, from a smoothie. But long term, sustainable energy comes from clearing out the toxins that slow you down.

This is exactly what we’ll be doing during ENERGIZE, my signature fall detox.

Gift yourself the opportunity to focus on you and get back on track. That’s what ENERGIZE is all about. It’s about returning to what makes us feel good – vibrantly alive, full of energy and ready to tackle the holiday season with grace and ease.

You’ll be supported through 3 unique phases:

PREPARE: Step-by-step, you’ll be guided through the program. From shopping lists to menu plans, every resource you need to make this easy and do-able. You’ll also learn why and how to fix your digestion with my support and strategies for implementation.
ENERGIZE:  Here’s where we take action together! You’ll enjoy a delicious menu of seasonal everyday foods and a step-by-step easy to follow plan to have you feeling lighter and energized.
TRANSITION: One person’s food may be another person’s poison. During transition, you’ll discover the foods that are right for YOUR UNIQUE BODY. You’ll get the clarity you need and the tools to support you in having incredible health and a body you love.

Remember, ANY IMBALANCE is a sign that your digestive health needs some care.

This fall, I encourage you to focus on letting go of old toxins stored in your organs which will clear your digestive symptoms and give you that inner and outer glow.

Get the full details here.

Join me! You’ll be so glad you did.

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