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Feeling blah? Here’s how to hit the reset button

I love exploring summer farmer’s markets! Last week’s discovery was a yellow watermelon. Have you tried one?

I’ve been enjoying all kinds of fresh produce from the farmer’s market. Summer’s lighter and hydrating foods are nature’s remedy. Eating more of these foods will give your digestive system a much needed rest. This is important, as the latest in nutritional science recognizes your digestive system to be at the core of your health.

That’s why I’ve decided to host my 11-Day RESTORE Detox again… because the end of summer is the perfect time to strengthen your digestive system, lighten up, and improve your immunity before the cooler seasons ahead. That means less viruses, colds, and flus—yay!

Many of us loosen our food boundaries at summer BBQs and parties and end up paying the consequences. I know this all too well. I have a sensitive stomach and on vacation last week, our food options were limited. I found myself eating foods I usually pass on and ended up with stomach bloat, indigestion, and restless sleep… all reminders to return to my path, to what I know works well for me, to the place I feel really well.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling the same and are ready to get back on track. That’s what the RESTORE Summer Detox is all about. It’s about returning to what makes us feel good—vibrantly alive, full of energy and ready to tackle whatever challenge comes our way.

It’s time to reset, replenish, reinvigorate and RESTORE.

The end of summer is the ideal time of year to shift the focus back to you, your health, and your family’s health. This is my favorite program to involve my children, giving their bodies the strength and endurance they need to keep up with the demands of the upcoming school season.

There will be no fasting. No expensive supplemental packages to purchase. And no deprivation, I promise.

Instead, you’ll enjoy a delicious menu of seasonal everyday foods and a step-by-step easy to follow plan to have you (and your family!) feeling REALLY well.

What if… in just one week, you could hit the reset button and feel better than you have in years? You can!

Learn more about the 11-Day RESTORE Summer Detox & reserve your spot today.

Join us from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll be glad you did :-)​


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