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Quiz! 12 Signs You Need A Detox

Last week, I was at a food and nutrition conference. The topic of discussion on everyone’s mind: toxicity.

Unfortunately we live in a toxic world. It seems as if everything we’re exposed to these days is tainted with toxicity – the air we breathe, the water we drink, what we absorb through our skin from the personal and household items we use, and what we put on our plates.

The good news is that your body has a natural ability to detoxify. The not so good news is that your detoxification pathways, especially your liver, are easily overburdened by the toxic food and the chemicals in your environment.

When toxins from food build up in your body, they get stored in your fat cells. So, fat isn’t what makes us fat. It’s excess toxicity in food that does.

According to Ocean Robbins of the Food Revolution Summit, “toxic food is fueling epidemics of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, ill health and environmental destruction”. I’d also venture to say that it’s a root cause of your digestive issues, sluggishness, struggle to lose weight, moodiness and brain fog.

Toxic overload is also associated with sleep issues and every-day aches and pains. These every-day issues are often brushed aside, but the truth is that they’re the warning signs that something needs to change. If we’re not careful, a small health nuisance can quickly turn into a big health concern.

I used to think that regular detox was a luxury – I now think it’s vital to your health. And, I’m thrilled to hear that the experts at the forefront in nutritional science are in full agreement.

But don’t take our words for it 🙂

What is your body telling you? Take quiz to see if your body is showing you signs it needs a detox.

Detox Quiz

Check off and count how many of these signs you’ve seen in your body in the past 3 months:

__ Low energy or fatigue

__ Difficulty sleeping

__ Digestive issues (bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation,…)

__ Allergies (food or seasonal) or congested sinuses

__ Chronic headaches or migraines

__ Increased belly fat

__ Difficulty losing weight or weight gain

__ Brain fog

__ Mood swings

__ Cravings (especially for sugar or carbohydrates)

__ White coating on your tongue, or bad breath

__ Acne, rosacea or itchy skin

If you have any of these signs, you would likely benefit from a detox. Three or more? Your body is begging you for the chance to reboot!

Detox Deliciously

Detox at Culinary Therapy is all about eating clean, healthy foods to reset your palette (and stop cravings!), give your digestive system a break and end the sluggishness that comes from problem foods and toxic overload.

The goal is NOT starvation, but to nourish your body with a delicious menu of seasonal foods and a do-able protocol that’s both simple and effective.

Your Simple Action Plan:

This week, take the quiz to see if your body is showing you signs that it needs a detox. And stay tuned for more information on spring’s upcoming program. Details to arrive in your inbox next week!

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